The Book of James: Daily Bible Study (1:9-11)

Does God Want You To Be Poor or Rich?

Scriptures like this in the book of James can lead many Christians to a place of confusion on whether being rich is bad and if money should not be something we should care about at all. I will share my thoughts on this and what God has revealed to me over my 13-year journey and I recommend that you seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit around this topic in your own personal private time with the Lord.

In James 1:9, the apostle James writes that believers who are poor should consider it a blessing because they have been honored by God. This verse suggests that it is possible to experience financial struggles while still maintaining a strong relationship with God. What is most important to God is not our material wealth, but our hearts. As we seek to give our hearts fully to God and live in accordance with his will, he will provide us with the spiritual resources and strength we need to face the challenges of life. Ultimately, being spiritually strong and living in the power of the Holy Spirit is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience we can have on earth, and it is something that no amount of money can buy. We should be thankful to God for this gift every day.

James 1:10 states that those who are wealthy should boast in the fact that God has humbled them. While it is true that God can bless us with financial abundance and the resources to provide for our families, give to others, and invest in our future, it is important to remember that our relationship with money should not be our primary focus. The love of money is a root of many kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6:10), and it is easy to allow pride in our material possessions to distract us from our relationship with God. To avoid this, we must humble ourselves and put God first in all that we do, being thankful for the blessings he has given us and seeking to steward them well. Remember that everything we have ultimately belongs to God, and it is up to us to manage it responsibly as committed children of the Most High. By cultivating a humble attitude and thanking God for our blessings, we can protect ourselves from falling into pride, greed, envy, bitterness, and other destructive attitudes.

The final scripture for today's Bible study, James 1:11, offers guidance on the pursuit of wealth, material possessions, and achievements. The main takeaway from this verse is that these things are temporary and will eventually fade away and die, just as we will. While it is not wrong to pursue God's blessings in these areas, our primary focus should be on our relationship with him and storing up treasure in heaven. (See also Matthew 6:19-21.) I believe that God can and will bless all areas of our lives as we put him at the center of our lives and work on our heart posture and relationship with him. This can be a challenging topic for many Christians, and it is important to seek constant fellowship with Jesus and ask for his wisdom, guidance, and discernment in order to align our lives with his will. As we work to walk out this aspect of our faith with Jesus each and every day, he will work on us, in us, and through us to fulfill his great plan for our lives.

Closing Prayer: Dear God, help me to keep my heart posture towards You being fully committed to my relationship with You first and above all else. Remove anything that is not of You or doesn’t serve my life this year as I continue to deepen my understanding of You word for my life. Bless me to be a leader to my family, friends, and the people I get to interact with each day in Jesus name Amen!

What was your biggest takeaway from today's Bible study? I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you are applying these principles to your own life. Feel free to reply to leave a comment on our blog to share your insights and experiences.

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Jesuslovesbebe on

Silly iPhone typos “rues” =eyes 👀

Jesuslovesbebe on

Be still. Close your rues and commit your ❤️ to silence anything not from God. Listen & reflect through 🙏🏻 attitude of gratitude. Don’t let your left 🖐🏻 know what you’re right 🖐🏻 is giving 😍

Katherine on

First of all thank you so much for today’s scripture. Be blessed..
So truth is money is the root cause of evil because the more you get, the more your attitude change towards certain situations..I don’t have it all but am grateful that on the little God blessed me with, I can share with the less fortunate. The reason why rich people drive away from God its cause they think they have it all and no need to pray for more cause their lives are fixed but poor people are closer to God in away they seek him for way lot and grateful when their prayers are answered

Sean on

Love this type of content! Keep it coming

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