The Book Of James: 2:1-4

Don't Play Favorites

In today’s culture showing discrimination can get you canceled and criticized. However, discriminating between the rich and the poor is part of our culture today.  If you are rich or appear rich and wear expensive clothing and jewelry, society rewards you with honor and respect. The rich can reward you with money, influential favor, and help you. The poor, not so much. If you need money,  a favor, or some influence, the poor person is not going to be able to help you. We are to trust our heavenly Father to provide for us and not depend on the wealthy by treating them better than everyone else.

James says that Christians should treat all that gather in the house of the Lord equally. We are not to treat the affluent differently from those that are considered poor. God looks at the heart and not at the outside. As children of God, we are not to discriminate and pass judgment on someone because of their status in life. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and we show the love of Jesus when we treat people as we want to be treated ourselves.

Continue to ask yourself, “am I playing favorites with the people in my life?” Continue to deploy your God-given gifts in a way that treats others with the same level of respect and watch the opportunities that unfold as a result of your character.

Closing Prayer: Father God, help to treat others with respect and integrity regardless of their title or position. Bless Me to be supportive and thoughtful of my words towards others So that I can lift others up and not tear them down. Thank You for loving me so much and giving me the opportunity to love others too in Jesus name Amen.

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