The Book Of James: 1:26-27

Controlling Your Tongue

We continue today in the final two scriptures of James chapter 1 with James furthering the importance of being someone who practices what you preach. We all have met people in our life who will say one thing and do another or speak highly of you in front of your face but then talk poorly about you behind your back.

James stresses the importance of the improvement that needs to take place as you continue to pursue a righteous life. It would be foolish of us to read about things such as working on the words we use each day but then go back to the old behaviors we have been using that have not been serving our lives. True transformation takes place when you put the teachings of the word into action in your daily life. Faith activated through action creates transformation.

James says that we are to control or bridle our tongue. When we are slow to speak it gives us time to think about what we are going to say. Is it something hurtful, or gossip, or is it good and encouraging? He reminds us that if we think we are religious and we don’t control what we say then we are fooling ourselves and our religion is useless.

The chapter ends with a call to care for others in need like orphans and widows. We all have people we know or people we will run into in our lives who are going through difficult times and who we can help in some way. That may include spending time with them, being willing to listen, or offering other forms of support from what God has blessed you with. You are here on earth to give into the lives of others through love, encouragement, prayer, financial support, and other forms of support you can offer because You are blessed to be a blessing.

closing prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank you for helping me understand the importance of applying Your word to my life every day. I know I’m not perfect nor will I ever be but I can make so much progress toward living a life that is pleasing to You. As I continue to follow You help refine and mold my character so that I can help others in the most loving way possible in Jesus name Amen.

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