The Book Of James: 1:19:21

Do you Struggle with Your Emotions?

How many times have we reacted in emotion and not taken the time to listen carefully to what is being said? Here the scripture is giving us advice to be quick to listen and slow to react in both what we say in response and keep our emotions intact.  A lot of harm can come when we allow our anger to overrule our common sense and we may say things or do things that we may regret later.  So take the time to respond and not say the first thing that comes to mind.

Have you ever found yourself reacting emotionally without taking the time to fully listen to what is being said? This scripture advises us to be quick to listen and slow to react, both in our words and in our emotions. It's easy to let anger or other strong emotions control our responses, but this can often lead to harm and regrets. Instead, it's important to take the time to really listen and consider our responses before we speak or act. Let's strive to be mindful and measured in our reactions, rather than letting our emotions rule.

Ephesians 4:26-27 says “be angry but do not sin; don’t let the sun go down on your anger and do not make room for the devil.”

As you work on being mindful of your emotions and the ways you feel about the events in your life, remember to turn to the Word of God for wisdom. Bible study is a powerful tool that can help us live successful lives and equip us with the strength to overcome any challenges that come our way.

Closing Prayer: Dear God, thank You for Joy today and for giving me the opportunity to experience it right now here if Your presence. Help me to remember this joy is always available and accessible through time with You and I receive it now in Jesus name Amen!

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